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Deliver any of 100+ home services and benefit from a £20+ million investment in technology to drive your new home services franchise in Canada to success!
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Invest in a proven franchise in Canada

Explore proven home services franchise opportunities in Canada and start your own business under a brand that's already hit the £40 million yearly revenue mark..

Get your share of the 50 000+ customers we help find each month for the 530+ entrepreneur business owners who are already part of our global network. Benefit from the same central expertise and training in business operations and management, online marketing, customer support, and more.

Join the part of the Canadian home services industry that's right for you, with more than one hundred different home improvement and maintenance services to choose to deliver. And know you're going to have all of the support you need to make a success of your new business.

More than 100+ home maintenance and home improvement franchises

Giving you a great chance to get a Permanent Residency Visa if you want to emigrate to this beautiful country – in addition to being part of the Canadian economy that's set to grow even further as demand spikes – home services are some of the best franchises in Canada.

It will be up to you what kind of home services franchise you choose to deliver. Fantastic Services has refined best-in-class processes and operations for delivering more than a hundred different home improvement and home maintenance services. These range from gardening to domestic cleaning to commercial services to dozens of others.

Each comes with all of the training and support you will need to establish and grow your own business. We've already helped more than 530 other entrepreneurs set up their own businesses under the Fantastic Services brand. We've done so around the world, in different regions and cultures. Six of these leaders have already become millionaires.

Where will your skills, experience, and the region of Canada you want to cover take you? Some of the most exciting opportunities we offer here include:

Cleaning Franchise

Buy a cleaning business franchise

Canada is currently experiencing a high demand for cleaning services. That's particularly good if you are thinking of emigrating to Canada, as you've got a very high chance of being able to achieve a Permanent Canadian Residency Visa as a cleaner.

That demand is in all parts of the cleaning sector too. If you're interested in a domestic cleaning franchise opportunity, this is great news. Because the domestic sector in Canada is, as you might expect of an advanced economy, one where more than 1 in 8 Canadians use household cleaners.

But with a cleaning services franchise in Canada from Fantastic Services, you aren't limited to home cleaning. The commercial cleaning sector is experiencing massive growth at the moment. Canada added over 20 million square metres of office space to its portfolio in 2019 alone and this sector is estimated to be worth around US$8 billion. This makes an office cleaning franchise a solid choice, as that number is only expected to grow.

You also have oven cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning franchise opportunities and more to choose from. So you can always find the best choice for your skills and the region you want to cover.

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Gardening Franchise owenrs

Gardening franchise for sale

With one of our landscaping franchises, business will be good in Canada. It's estimated that the landscaping services industry alone will be worth more than US$13 billion at the end of 2021. That's a size that's been growing by around 4% per year for the previous five years.

Yet, if you're thinking of going into the gardening sector with your new business, you aren't limited to opening one of our landscaping franchises. Canada also has a huge demand for garden maintenance, garden care, and the kind of regular services that are great for ongoing income.

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Plumbing franchise owners

Franchise plumbing companies

This is the ideal time to open a plumbing business in Canada. Thanks to fluctuations in the construction industry in the five years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, the plumbing sector was at a relatively low ebb (although that “low ebb” was still worth around US$16 billion a year!).

Now, the sector is bouncing back. Open a plumbing franchise in Canada and you'll be able to exploit the new flux of economic activity and downstream construction efforts that always bolster an already high-demand sector of the economy.

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Handyman franchise owner

Handyman franchise in Canada

Canadians love their home improvements and refurbishments. That's how the Canadian home improvement industry managed to generate over US$50 billion in sales in 2019 alone.

This makes Fantastic Services' handyman franchise opportunities a great fit for a market that's only expected to expand as the Canadian population does. With the average homeowner in Ontario spending more than $13 000 on home renovations – interior painting being particularly popular – there's a high demand out there, ready to be fulfilled.

This varies by province, of course. But no matter which part of Canada you want to cover with your handyman services, you'll be in a massive and growing sector that always has a high demand.

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Electrical franchise owner

Electrical franchise

Many industries are expected to see big changes in the next decade. One of the biggest is in the way that people like to book their home services. A recent report by Canada's Electro Federation pointed to a need to retrain electrical engineers to understand tech-based services. Opting for an electrical franchise for sale from Fantastic Services means you receive the training and support you need to deliver your services in this changing market as a matter of course.

The electrician industry in Canada already weathered the construction industry storm in the country leading up to 2019 better than almost any other related sector. Ride the head of the wave of technological transformation in the industry as it continues to grow in the future.

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Removals franchise owners

Junk removal franchise - cost

Canada's rebounding economy, with its hugely positive trends in the consumer and commercial sectors, is crying out for more waste management and rubbish removal companies.

Canada compares relatively poorly with other developed nations when it comes to its treatment of waste removal. This means the market is open for the kind of junk removal franchise business for sale by Fantastic Services, with its priority on recycling waste before other options are considered and convenient online and app-based booking – something that the Canadian market increasingly demands.

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Your options when buying a franchise in Canada

How far does your ambition stretch for your new business? We offer three different types of franchises, allowing you to start a company that matches your goals.

Franchise Graphic

Working Franchise

Perhaps you want to open your own home services company and concentrate on delivering exceptional services every day. If so, you might want one of our Working Franchises. Supported by a central team of 500 professionals assisting with your marketing, customer support, and more, you are the boss of a business that's designed to grow.

Franchise Structure Graphic

Area Development & Master Franchise

Or maybe you want an even greater challenge and a matching expanded opportunity for profit? Find out more about our Area Development Franchises and Master Franchises. You may still have your own franchise to run. But you will also be expanding the Fantastic Services brand across your entire region – or your whole country. This can call for some different qualities and experience. But it can put you in the driving seat for even more growth.

How much do you need to start a franchise? Each type we offer has a different investment level – and profit potential – as well as different skills we're looking for in the ideal franchisee.

How to purchase a franchise that's right for you

Find out everything you need to know about the concept of franchising in general or what makes Fantastic Services, in particular, one of the top franchises in Canada today.

Speak with one of our fully informed advisors and get the answers to any questions you might have. Want to learn more about the kind of training you will receive? The kind of support you get every day? The level of investment required? Or the skills you would ideally need?

We're happy to discuss anything you might want to know about how to get a franchise that's right for you. At the same time, this gives us the opportunity to find out more about you – your skills, experience, and dedication.

Together, let's see if we're going to be each other's, perfect business partners. Because that's exactly what a great franchise relationship looks like. Reach out to us today and let's see just how good ours could be.

Contact us today to set up an obligation-free chat. It's a stress-free and easy first step towards figuring out if we're going to be right for each other.

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