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Become part of a network of over five hundred and thirty successful entrepreneurs on three continents. Get everything you need to make your new franchise in France a success:

Extensive training in all business operations. Award-winning marketing handled on your behalf. A €23 million investment in technology that automates business processes – and lets customers book with you in seconds.

Explore one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities in Europe in a sector that is always going to be in high demand – even in tough economic times.

Decide which home services franchises suit you best

Enter the home services sector in France, and you will be part of a sector expected to reach a value of €16.9 billion by the end of 2021. This is a sector that grows at roughly 2% every year – and which will continue to grow in the future.

On top of this, France only narrowly slips into third place behind the UK and Germany when it comes to countries in Europe where cleaning companies achieve the highest turnover.

This turnover is spread across both standard cleaning and more specialised services. As a Fantastic Services franchisee, you will be in a position to offer any of our portfolio of more than one hundred home services. Each of these benefits from the company's proven processes. These processes have seen us grow from a team of five to a business of 2000 professionals operating across three continents.

Which service or services sound like the right fit for your skills and experience? Choose from everything from home improvement franchises to a junk removal franchise. Standard cleaning services to a pest control business franchise. Some of our most lucrative opportunities in France include:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning business franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

The vast majority of cleaning in France – around 70% of the total existing turnover – is demand for standard home cleaning. This might mean a window cleaning franchise or oven cleaning franchise will be the best choice for your region – or one of our standard regular domestic cleaning options.

No matter what specific service or services you choose to deliver, when you buy a Fantastic Services franchise, you get everything you need to make a success of your new business. Including the support of a central team of over five hundred professionals always ready to support you.

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Fantastic Gardeners Professional Doing Landscaping

Gardening franchises

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

In 2018 alone, over 55% of all people in France bought an outside plant. This developing trend towards enjoying outside spaces – and a corresponding need to care for them – has been hugely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even back in 2018, the turnover of the French gardening and landscaping industry was a whopping €6 billion. This also doesn't take into account the expansion of the industry in the past few years.

This is the ideal sort of sector to enter as the franchisee of an internationally-known brand, with extensive support and marketing handled on your behalf. Landscaping franchises that are part of the global Fantastic Services network are perfectly positioned to start attracting a share of France's huge gardening market.

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Fantastic Service Plumbing Franchise

Plumbing franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

With an estimated value of around €23.3 billion in 2021, the plumbing and heating industry in France is gigantic. The number of households in the country is expected to rise in the next few years, too – leading to further demand in this most sought-after industry.

Like many parts of the world, the key concern for consumers in France is that the plumber they use is reliable and certified. That's where a Fantastic Services plumbing franchise comes in. Because adherence to the highest quality standards and only using plumbers who are properly qualified are two of the key pillars which saw the company grow to its current size.

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Fantastic Removals Professional

Junk removal franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

France threw away around 40 million metric tons of household waste in 2017. This includes junk and other waste that many countries would recycle or reuse. In the coming years, the drive for a greener economy is likely to mean the waste management and junk removal sector in France sees further significant expansion.

As the owner of a Fantastic Services junk removal franchise, you are well placed to exploit this fact – as well as the reputation of a known international brand. Fantastic Services' proven processes and training ensure you deliver highly effective services. Our central team of 500+ experts acquires customers and supports them for you. Guaranteeing you always have someone to deliver your services to.

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How much does it cost to own a franchise?

Decide to join our existing 530+ franchisees as part of the Fantastic Services network, and you will have your choice of a range of opportunities.

Franchise Graphic

Working Franchise

The most popular is our Working Franchise. This is the option for you if you want to get the support and training you need to make your new business a success. Clients get found for you via our award-winning online marketing processes. Customer support is handled for you. You get to focus your energy on delivering the very best services you can.

Franchise Structure Graphic

Area Development Franchise

A Working Franchise has a large potential for growth. But if you want an even bigger growth ceiling, you might prefer an Area Development Franchise. This puts you in the driving seat of expanding the Fantastic Services brand to your entire local region. Several of our Area Development Franchisees have already become millionaires.

Franchise Structure Graphic

Master Franchise

Above this level are our Master Franchisees. If you think you've got what it takes to be responsible for introducing Fantastic Services to your entire country, this is the level for you.

In terms of investment, how much to open a franchise? It depends on your level of ambition and the scale of the new challenge you want to begin.

How to purchase a franchise that's right for you

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