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Join a network that stretches across Europe and beyond, with more than €44 million in annual revenue! Explore the latest franchise opportunities in Slovenia
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What do you want from franchise opportunities in Slovenia?

Become part of a network that stretches across Europe and far beyond. Start your own franchise in Europe and take advantage of the unique factors that make Slovenia such an ideal option – and home services one of the best franchises to own in this stunningly beautiful country.

Get your own fair share of a network that generates €44 million in revenue every year and the 50 000 monthly customers who know they can trust the Fantastic Services name to deliver quality and reliability.

Benefit from a €23 million investment in technology and award-winning online marketing as you drive your new business into the future.

Choose a home maintenance or home improvement franchise

Choose from a wide range of franchise opportunities when you partner with Fantastic Services. We offer over 100 different home maintenance and home improvement services. Wherever your expertise lies – and wherever the opportunities are in the country and region you want to target – you can get the support you need to start your own business.

Like all the best franchises, you get access to proven processes that have been iterated on, improved and worked on, tested and tested again as we've expanded from a team of six covering a small area of London to more than five hundred and thirty franchisees supported by a central team of over five hundred professionals across three continents.

Combine this with the training you receive in business operations, marketing, and more, and you will have the best start imaginable. This is all in an industry that, in Slovenia, offers excellent conditions for a business that has the support of a known international brand to count on.

Do you have experience delivering a certain kind of home service? Where are the gaps in the market in the region you want to trade-in? In Slovenia, we offer a range of opportunities including:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Start a cleaning franchise and benefit from the cleaning industry's huge market penetration in Slovenian society.

The European Federation of Cleaning Industries publishes regular surveys on the state of the industry – they class Slovenia in the second rank for market penetration. This means that well over 55% of people in Slovenia either use or regularly consider using cleaning companies.

On top of this, the total number of individual cleaning companies has shrunk during the COVID-19 pandemic. More Slovenian cleaners are choosing to become self-employed. This means there is a willing labour market and reduced competition. The perfect sector to enter with your own internationally-supported cleaning business.

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Buy franchise opportunities that are right for you

It's up to you where you set your investment level. If you're interested in low-cost franchise opportunities and you like the idea of running your own home services business on the ground – but with the added advantage of having customers found for you each day, training, and more – you might want one of our Working Franchises.

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Working Franchise

A Working Franchise puts you in the driving seat as the boss of your own company. Yet you have access to all of our proven processes and a team of five hundred central experts supporting you every day – including carrying out award-winning advertising on your behalf to fill your schedule.

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Area Development & Master Franchise

But that's not the only kind of franchise we offer. You can also choose our Area Development Franchise or Master Franchise options. Here, the investment level is higher – and so is the responsibility. But so is the opportunity for profit.

You're in control of bringing the Fantastic Services brand to your entire region or country. You may have your own business too. But it's also down to you to add new franchisees to the network and grow the franchise as a whole.

How to get franchise details and learn more

Get in touch with us to discuss what being a franchisee means, how to open a franchise, any details about franchising in general, or how partnering up with Fantastic Services works in particular.

Make sure you have a few details with you. What kind of home service are you thinking about delivering? How much experience do you have in that field? Which area do you want to cover? What sort of investment are you thinking about making? What relevant skills do you have?

We're always happy to talk about anything related to our franchise business opportunities. You might want to ask us about the type of training you will receive. About our Fantastic Academy. Or the level of support we provide to all of our franchisees.

Reach out today and let's get talking about the profitable partnership we can build. Together.

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