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The ultimate business opportunity in Manchester

Manchester is a major business and commercial centre for the UK. With a massive student market and a north-shoring effect (more companies are moving their operations in the city every year), that’s opening new positions, the home services market is booming. There’re plenty of reasons to invest in Manchester - the city with huge economic and social development.


For the number crunchers

Current population: 541, 319 (2.78 million people live in Greater Manchester)
Population growth: forecast to grow by about 125,000 by 2025
Average net income per year: £21,500
Investment range: from £10,000

Our Fantastic franchise opportunities in Manchester

Fantastic Services offers different business packages, uniquely designed to meet the demand for home services in Manchester. Due to its rapid expansion and economic development, the city is considered a desirable location for investment by manufacturers and service suppliers.

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning franchise in Manchester

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

By joining our franchise, you get the chance to offer high-demand services, including regular and deep cleaning. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to scale your business by including other services such as carpet cleaning or end-of-tenancy services.

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Fantastic Gardeners Professional Doing Landscaping

Gardening & Landscaping business in Manchester

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

How do gardening, landscaping and tree-surgery services sound? If the answer is ‘Just for me!’, then you should consider joining our proven franchise model. We can help you grow your small gardening venture into a powerful business.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman Manchester business for sale

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

In the last couple of years, the demand for handymen, electricians and plumbers in Manchester is continuing to increase. By dint of full training and support, joining Fantastic Services, allows you to start earning shortly after you launch your tradesmen franchise and gradually grow it afterwards.

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Fantastic Pest Control Professional

Pest Control franchise in Manchester

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Become an Area Developer or Working franchisee in Manchester and offer pest control services under our recognisable brand name. We’ll help you reach Fantastic Services’ quality standards and expand your customer base rapidly and securely.

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Why start a business in Manchester?

Manchester is a leading business hub in the UK. It benefits from a strong local economy, high-level education opportunities, and all-around appeal as a place to live. Investing in a city that is attractive for the young generation and has a future-proofed economy is a prerequisite for your successful business.

Quality of life

If you ask any Manchester citizen “Is Manchester a good place to live in?” you’ll receive a bunch of positive answers supported by facts about the high-quality lifestyle they have. The quality of life index is 147.30 (0 - 240 scale), which is much higher than London’s 121.02.

*Quality of Life Index (higher is better) is an estimation of overall quality of life by using an empirical formula.

Population growth

The number of people living in Manchester is expected to continue its fairly rapid increase. The population growth of the city is economically important because it sets a heavy demand for home-related industries.

Social grade and occupation

Social grade is a classification system based on occupation. As you can see from the graph Manchester has a pretty high number of upper-middle citizens which is nothing but a good sign for your future business in the city.

Manchester Social Grade
  • AB - Higher and intermediate managerial, administrative, professional occupations
  • C1 - Supervisory, clerical and junior managerial, administrative, professional occupations
  • C2 - Skilled manual occupations
  • DE - Semi- and unskilled manual occupations, unemployed and lowest grade occupations

Property ownership vs rental

As you can see from the chart, the percentage of rented accommodations is pretty lucrative. This is another factor that determines Manchester’s future economic development and it creates a location that is perfect to kick-start business in.

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