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Explore Norway franchises that are designed to give you the support you need to grow your business. Get marketing done for you - and much more besides!
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Norway franchises that support you and help you grow

Make a smart franchise investment in a recession-proof, profitable industry. Choose from 100+ different home services options and enter a sector that is always in demand.

Driven by a £20 million investment in technology and a central team of 500 experts, Fantastic Services' network of 530+ entrepreneurs has already established itself on three continents.

Explore our Norway franchises, as we bring the same proven processes, award-winning online marketing (handled for you), customer service support (also taken care of for you), and more to a market that is poised to accept just this kind of business.

Choose from a range of home services franchise options

Enter a market that has huge value – and where the competition is sorely lacking. Worth around €2 billion, Norway's cleaning market is massive. But the many small businesses and sole operators are overwhelmingly unprofessional, delivering cleaning services that don't match the high standards that Fantastic Services insists on.

In fact, it's so much of a problem for the Norwegian cleaning industry that they've instituted “Godkjenningsordningen”, a validation program for cleaning companies.

Start your business with Fantastic Services and get real leverage in this industry. You will have extensive training, customer support handled on your behalf, and we will use our award-winning marketing strategies to attract new clients to you every day. Not many franchise opportunities in Europe put you in such an ideal position to beat the competition in a competitive, but comparatively unprofessional market like Norway's.

With over 100 home maintenance and improvement services as part of our portfolio, you can choose the one that matches your skills and experience – or that matches the demand in the part of Norway you want to cover. Some of our most popular franchises here include:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning business franchise

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Deliver your cleaning services to the highest possible standard, using the latest tools and technology and highly trained staff to overcome the poorly organised local competition.

In Norway, sole traders make up roughly 70% of the cleaning industry. Almost no cleaning companies offer their services outside of their home region. This means that a cleaning service franchise supported by a known international brand and able to deliver proven reliability is perfectly positioned to succeed here.

Choose a cleaning company franchise and select from nearly 100 different options. From oven cleaning to general domestic cleaning to specialist commercial cleaning to a window cleaning franchise, we can advise you on the most profitable choice for the area you want to work in.

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Buy a franchise that scales to meet your dreams

Where do you see yourself as the boss of your new business? Owning a franchise business can come in many different shapes and sizes:

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Working Franchise

Do you just want to be able to deliver the very best services you can, safe in the knowledge that a central team of experts is finding more clients for you?

If so, our Working Franchise is the one for you. You get all the support you need to establish and grow your business to meet the scope of your ambition.

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Area Development & Master Franchise

Or do you want to go further? Do you also want to be responsible for introducing the Fantastic Services concept to your whole local region – or even your entire country?

Choose one of our Area Development Franchises or our Master Franchise. They call for a larger initial franchise investment. But their potential for growth and profit is correspondingly bigger.

How to get franchise advice

Tell us what you want to know about how to open a franchise business today. We're always ready to talk through the process. Or to answer any questions you might have about how life as part of the Fantastic Services network would work for you.

It can be useful to have a little information about yourself ready before we speak. You might want to think about your skills, abilities, and experience. You might want to consider what your goals are or the level of investment you are thinking about making. In return, we are more than happy to discuss any aspect of how to have a franchise business opened, built, and how we will help you grow.

Give us a call today or use our online form to get in touch. Let us know when is good for you and we can set up a discussion with one of our helpful advisors at a convenient time.

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