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Set yourself apart from the local competition with upfront, accurate quotes, and reliable quality. Learn more about a Fantastic Services franchise in Turkey
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Open a franchise in Turkey that's perfectly suited to the market

What would make us the best franchise to buy in Turkey from your point of view?

Would it be the fact that you would get the extensive training and support you need to deliver services of a quality that few local providers can match? Would it be the award-winning online marketing we do on your behalf?

Or would it bethe kind of reliable, quality-first, fixed-price services you would offer? Exactly what's needed to set you apart from the competition in Turkey's unique market.

Join the 530+ other entrepreneurs who have already started their own businesses with Fantastic Services. And the six who have already become millionaires because of it. The Fantastic Services master franchise for Turkey is still available. But we also offer a wide range of other options.

Choose from 100+ home improvement franchises on offer

Benefit from the £20 million investment in technology Fantastic Services has already made to grow your business. Part of this means your clients will be able to find your services and book them quickly and easily online. This is great for attracting customers from Turkey's large expat community. As well as the increasing part of the Turkish population who like to book on-demand services.

You will also be relying on proven processes and strategies that are just what you need to work in a market like Turkey's. Things like providing reliable quotes first – quotes that aren't subject to rounds of negotiation later on – really set you apart from local providers for whom trying to demand higher prices is a standard way to operate.

Select the option that's right for your skills and experience, and find the place they overlap with demand in the region of Turkey you want to operate in, with over one hundred different types of home services franchises to choose from.

Some of the most profitable options in Turkey are gardening franchises, domestic and commercial cleaning – or anything that caters to Turkey's large tourism industry. You might want to consider options such as:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Buy a cleaning franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Get ahead in the widespread but individually small-scale Turkish cleaning industry with the support of a known international brand, extensive training, and processes that result in reliable, quality services.

Because it's quite common for households to employ cleaners in Turkey. But most local operators use a word-of-mouth reputation system and have very little in the way of organisation. There is also a significant expat community in the country who are often looking for a way to source home cleaners they can count on.

Choose any of the 100+ different home services you can offer when you partner with Fantastic Services. Start your own carpet cleaning or window cleaning franchise if you want to specialise. Or go for a more general domestic cleaning business. Know that you are going to be setting yourself apart from the competition by offering things like fast, simple online booking, and a trustworthy standard of quality that your clients know they can rely on.

You might also choose to open a commercial cleaning franchise. This sector of the Turkish cleaning economy alone is forecast to reach a value of over £4 billion in the next few years. That's a huge market to get a share of. Especially when you're doing so by offering something that few other cleaning companies in the country can provide.

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Fantastic Removals Professional

Removals franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Moving house in Turkey can be a challenging experience if you're not a local. There is a fine tradition of haggling over price. Quoted rates are often hugely inflated and require a lot of negotiation – which many companies treat as standard – to find the actual price service will cost. There's also likely to be another negotiation during final payment with most operators.

This means there is a huge gap in the Turkish home removals market for a company that provides clear, honest upfront quotes and lets you book quickly and easily online. Open a removals franchise with Fantastic Services and set yourself apart from the local competition with reliable services, clear pricing, and more.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Enter the home maintenance sector in Turkey with a handyman franchise that lets you offer USPs that set you clearly apart from local competitors. Most handymen in Turkey are solo operators. It's hard to guarantee the quality of a fix – or the price of a service upfront. Like other home services, recommendations are often by word of mouth.

Benefit from the high levels of consumers confidence you'll generate by providing straightforward online booking, clear quotes, services of reliable, vetted quality, and more. It's a combination that's seen Fantastic Services franchises grow and be successful across diverse markets around the world.

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Your options when you buy a franchise

Make your choice from a selection of franchise investment opportunities:

Franchise Graphic

Working Franchise

Want to be the boss of your own business and just be able to concentrate on delivering your services to the best standard every day? Want a central team of 500+ professionals to take care of lots of your marketing, customer support, and other processes on your behalf? Want to get extensive training and support in things like business operations and management?

Perhaps one of our Working Franchises might be the right choice for you. But that's not the only option..

Franchise Structure graphic

Area Development & Master Franchise

Want your own franchise, but also want to have the greater challenge of expanding the Fantastic Services brand across your local region – or all of Turkey? It's more responsibility and requires some different skills. But there's a correspondingly greater opportunity for profit.

If so, one of our Area Development Franchises or Master Franchises might be the best franchises to buy into.

How to get franchise details and be more informed

Reach out to us today if you want to learn more about owning a franchise business. Get either some more details about how franchising works in general, or how partnering up with Fantastic Services works in particular.

Ask us what sets our franchise opportunities in Turkey apart from the other options you might have. Enquire about how daily working life looks for the 530+ other entrepreneurs who are already a part of our network. Get us to tell you about the training in business operations and management you'd get. Or the support you'd receive on a daily basis.

In return, we'd love to know a bit about you. What skills, experience, or ambition to build and grow your own business make you the perfect choice to join our network? What kind of investment were you considering.

Let's talk about it. There's no obligation on your part. It's just a stress-free and easy way to have an opening discussion about whether we might make the perfect business partner for each other.

Contact us today. Let us know when is good for you and we'll get that obligation-free chat all set up.

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