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Choose one of the most exciting franchise opportunities in Europe, giving you constant support and all the knowledge and guidance you need to build and grow your business.

Start off with your choice of three different franchise types. The franchise investments that our existing franchisees have made have already seen six of them become millionaires. How will your investment fare?

What franchise is available in Estonia?

Open your own service franchise in Estonia and give yourself the platform you need to compete successfully against any local competition since there are no major players in the Estonian service industry market at the moment. The biggest companies in the sector have at most 20 employees, but most local service providers have far fewer.

This is an industry that's ripe for a franchise business to enter in partnership with a major international brand that provides extensive support, proven processes, and highly effective, award-winning online marketing in the way that Fantastic Services does.

The demand is there too. The number of cleaning companies in Estonia is growing. And while the country technically ranks as 20th in Europe in terms of size of the cleaning market, that still means it's worth a whopping €282.8 million every year.

And it's not just the home cleaning sector that's ripe for conquest. Like any country in which we offer a franchise in Europe, you have more than 100 different types of home services to choose to offer. Whether that's because you have existing skills or experience in that field or because we've worked together to identify a gap in the market. Some of our most profitable options include:

Fantastic Service Electrician Franchise

Electrical franchise

Power your way into a sector of the Estonian economy that's ripe for a provider that offers reliable quality and easy online and app-based booking.

The average electrician in Estonia works in a business with only one other professional. These micro-businesses and solo operators can never offer the same kind of guaranteed quality and customer support you can as a Fantastic Services electrical franchise.

Here, you get all of the support you need from a central team of 500+ professionals to help establish and grow your business. Just what you need to start getting your share of a market worth €220.9 million annually.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman franchise

Start to offer your own trusted handyman services with all of the benefits of having a major international brand supporting you every step of the way. The average handyman or home repair business in Estonia is very small indeed. Solo operators are the name of the game here, meaning local people can struggle to know whether or not they can rely on the quality of the individual they choose.

Select a Fantastic Services handyman franchise if you want to change all that. Let clients find you every day through a swift and easy booking system and booking app we've developed in-house. Other online marketplace platforms are currently in investment rounds trying to raise money seeking to lure Estonian handymen into paying for their services. With Fantastic Services, your online marketing and app booking is simply the way you operate every day.

Here, you get all of the support you need from a central team of 500+ professionals to help establish and grow your business. Just what you need to start getting your share of a market worth €220.9 million annually.

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Buy a franchise that's right for you and your skills

What skills, experience, and determination will you bring to the table? Because a franchise network only succeeds when everyone pulls together – including the central Fantastic Services team that supports you every day – we're looking for the best and brightest to join our top European franchises. Your choices for how to buy a franchise are three:

Franchise Graphic

Working Franchise

Choose our most popular Working Franchise when you want to concentrate on running your business every day, supported by that 500+ strong central team. It's their job to guide you in growing your business to match your goals and ambition.

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Area Development and Master Franchise

Opt for an Area Development Franchise or Master Franchise if you seek the even greater potential for growth. You might have your own franchise as part of these options. But you're also responsible for bringing the Fantastic Services brand to your entire chosen region – or all of Estonia!

That calls for some special skills. Yet, it also means a huge potential for revenue and profit. The right choice will be down to your particular skill set and goals for the future.

How to start a franchise business with confidence

Reach out to us today and ask any questions you might have about how to open a franchise with us.

Perhaps you want to find out about your responsibilities as a franchisee? Or the support we provide you with as a franchisor? Maybe you want to ask what a standard working day might look like? Or how the online marketing we do on your behalf finds you customers every day?

In return, we'd love to know more about you. What skills and experience make you the right choice for a franchise? What drives you as an entrepreneur?

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