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What are you looking for in franchise opportunities in Denmark? A lucrative industry? Expert training? Comprehensive support? Explore Fantastic Services.
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See the latest franchise opportunities in Denmark

Join the other entrepreneurs in Denmark, across Europe, and on three other continents who have started their own small business backed by the expertise and support of Fantastic Services.

With over five hundred and thirty entrepreneurs now comprising our global network, we know how to ensure that your new business succeeds in any market – and any culture. Plus, like all of our others, our Denmark franchises are designed to grow.

Almost uniquely among franchise opportunities in Europe, with Fantastic Services you have a central office team of over five hundred experts finding new clients to fill your schedule each and every day. So you can concentrate on actually running your business.

Which is the best franchise to own?

The home cleaning industry alone in Denmark is huge. Worth roughly €3.5 billion in 2021, it's expected to grow even more year on year.

This massive market is something that a Fantastic Services franchise perfectly sets you up to enter. You will have access to the same proven, highly effective processes for everything from marketing to actually delivering your services day-to-day that has seen us grow from a team of five to a company of two thousand professionals working on three continents.

Where does your experience lie? You can choose everything from home improvement franchises to gardening to regular domestic cleaning. There are over 100 home services on the roster. All of which give you extensive support, training and take the troublesome parts of running a small business – like finding new clients – off of your hands.

The best franchise to own for you will depend on your skills and any past experience you have in a particular industry, such as:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Cleaning business franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Become one of the cleaning businesses in Denmark that are getting their fair share of this huge market. The size of the cleaning industry in Denmark has grown by an average of 6.9% every year for the past five years. It also has no clear market leaders – no company has more than 5% of the market share.

This is the ideal industry to enter with the support and reputation of a big international brand behind you. Buy a cleaning franchise and get the support, award-winning marketing, and more you need to enter this market successfully.

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Fantastic Handyman Professional

Handyman franchise

Turnover: POR Net profit: POR Investment: POR

Denmark has two major things in your favour if you are thinking about investing in a Fantastic Services handyman franchise. First of all, this is a country where quality is prized. Danish people don't tend to throw many things away. If something breaks around the home, it will be of high quality and they will want it repaired.

Secondly, Denmark is completely at home with e-commerce. This ensures that Fantastic Services' proven online marketing practices put you in a great position to attract clients and grow here. The central Fantastic Services team handles this for you too. You only need to wake up to a comfortably full schedule every day.

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Buy a franchise that's right for you

What level of business scale and responsibility are you looking for when you're considering good franchises to buy?

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Working Franchise

Do you want a small business where you can focus on delivering your services every day? If so, our Working Franchise provides support, training and gives you a large central team of experts delivering award-winning marketing to find customers for you.

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Area Development & Master Franchise

Or do you want to take the Fantastic Services brand big? You can be in charge of spreading the brand to your entire local region or even your whole country with our Area Development and Master Franchises. These require slightly larger initial franchise investments – and you'll often be running your own business in addition to managing other dedicated, hard-working franchisees.

Because the cost to open a franchise varies by the type you are interested in. But so does the responsibility and scope for revenue and profit.

How to get a franchise - talk with us

Do you have a question about what owning a franchise business is like? How your day-to-day operations might look? Or the kind of support you get as a franchisee of Fantastic Services?

From figuring out the best franchise to own for you to discussing the best way to get funding to how your skills and experience fit with what we're looking for from the ideal franchisee, let's talk about it.

Get in touch with us by phone or fill in the form right here. Let us know the type of franchise you are interested in. We'll arrange a good time to talk through the process and what information you should have ready before we do.

Contact us today. Let us know when is good for you and we'll get that obligation-free chat all set up.

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