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Join the more than five hundred and thirty entrepreneurs who operate their Fantastic Services franchises on three different continents around the world.

If you're looking for a franchise for sale that supports you as you open and grow your business, you've found it.

With six of our franchisees already achieving turnovers of over £1 million and many others well on their way there, we empower you and all of our franchisees with a £20 million investment in technology and a central team of five hundred professionals to guide and support you.

That's why Fantastic Services is one of the most exciting franchise opportunities you'll find in Iceland or anywhere in the world.

What are the best franchise business opportunities here?

With a strong GDP per capita – narrowly behind Denmark and the US in 2019 – and strong growth, Iceland is a high-income economy where people have disposable income to spend. The country is also famous for its green credentials and focus on clean, healthy living. In recent years – since the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano about a decade ago – Iceland's presence in global news has ensured the steady growth of the tourist industry too.

Combined, this makes for an ideal market for a whole range of home services. That's on top of the fact that the cleaning services industry in Iceland is very small, with almost no major providers whatsoever – and none with any serious online presence.

This means that Fantastic Services technology-powered growth and the online marketing we carry out for all of our franchises in Europe and beyond gives you the power you need to get ahead of the game here. Our commitment to 360-degree happiness for clients, franchisees, professionals, and more are also just what you need in an economy like Iceland with high levels of labour bargaining power.

You will have over one hundred different types of home services franchises to choose to deliver. Some of the most popular include:

Fantastic Cleaners Professional

Domestic cleaning franchise

Deliver the kind of convenient, easy-to-book home cleaning that's applicable to any market in the world. Offer your clients flexible regular and one-off services.

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Oven cleaning franchise

Specialise in fields like oven cleaning and use the latest tools and technology to beat the competition to achieve valuable repeat business across your specified territory.

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Fantastic Service Plumbing Franchise

Plumbing franchise

Use your experience and qualifications in fields like plumbing combined with the powerful Fantastic Services brand and business model to get a steady stream of clients found for you on a daily basis.

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Gardening franchise

take the Fantastic Services model outside by delivering flexible, convenient gardening services that provide the kind of reliable quality that people always want.

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Fantastic Service Electrician Franchise

Electrical franchise

Choose to offer electrical services and fill a niche in the market. Not to mention the benefit from Fantastic Services' 500+ strong team carrying out award-winning online marketing on your behalf.

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Buy a franchise that grows as your ambition does

It's up to you what kind of business you want to create. We offer three different levels of a franchise, giving you the flexibility to create a new business that meets your particular skills and vision for where you want your business to be in the future.

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Working Franchise

For the majority of our franchisees, this is one of our Working Franchise. As your own boss of one of these franchises, you get all the support and expertise you need to set yourself up for some powerful growth. You have your own defined territory and a central team handling a great deal of online marketing and customer service on your behalf.

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Area Development Franchise

If your ambition and skills go further, you might be interested in one of our Area Development Franchises. With one of these franchises, not only do you have your own business, you also have the responsibility of growing the entire Fantastic brand in your area. There is a lot of potential for greater profit here. But there's hard work too if you're equal to it.

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Master Franchise

Finally, go even further with our Master Franchise for Iceland. Still available, here you are in the highly responsible but high-profit potential position of bringing the Fantastic Services name to the entire country.

How to get franchise information and make your choice

Are you the right person to lead one of our franchises? Get in touch with us to get any more information you might need about franchising in general or how your new business would work with Fantastic Services in particular.

You might take the opportunity to tell us about your skills and experience and what makes you want to become the boss of your own business. In return, we'll be glad to talk you through the support you get every day as a Fantastic Services franchisee. In terms of marketing, customer support, and proven processes, you need to establish and grow your business.

A good franchise raises all ships. So we're always looking for keen, highly motivated individuals to join our network. Find out more today by filling in our contact form online or by giving us a quick call to set up a commitment-free discussion at a time that's convenient for you.

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